Learning ABC’s has never been so joyful. Introducing Magical Alphabet app which will take your kids into an amazing and adventurous world of Pom-Pom The Magician who introduces alphabets through his hilarious alphabets magic shows.

See the Magician turning the alphabets into exciting objects and animals.
See him turning letter B into a bunch of balloons and then flying up with them or changing L into a hungary Lion by mistake and then running away from lion as fast as he could to save his himself or even changing letter P into Penguins who will be dancing on the tunes of Piano or M getting changed into a mischievous Monkey who steels his hat and climbs up the tree.

Kids learn 52 words through these innovative and entertaining animated videos.

Highlights :

1. 26 adorable and funny story based 3D Magic show movies which will help kids learn 26 letters and 52 words in a most entertaining way.
2. 52 Spelling pages where kids drag letters in place to spell the words while listening to their names and phoenic sounds along with delightful animations
3. An interactive alphabet table to help kids learn their ABC along with the images of the words.
3. Charming music and sounds to keep the kids engaged.
4. Beautiful graphics and animations inviting kids to explore and discover
5. App is designed with your children in mind – there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.
6. Safe, worry-free play with a Parent Gate and no third-party ads.